What it Is

SPARKL® is powerful technology for managing the behaviour of distributed systems. The lightning fast, distributed Sequencing Engine makes machines, applications and things work together intelligently, with a clean, connected Audit Trail.

What it Does

  • Distributed Intelligence

    Today's cloud solutions come with big security headaches. SPARKL® makes cloud, edge and legacy systems work together, ensuring your data stays in the right place, safe and private for increased agility and better security.

  • Reasoned Provisioning

    SPARKL® makes the right things happen at the right time, spinning up secure, on-demand infrastructure the moment it's needed. Now all your systems conform instantly and automatically, freeing up capital for your business and breathing new life into your IT assets.

  • Tamper-Proof Audit Trail

    Secured by blockchain, SPARKL® logs every single interaction between systems, creating a clean, connected Audit Trail, making it effortless for businesses to provide transaction assurance across the enterprise and in the Internet of Things.

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