Sparkl brings machines together

Bring machines together

with SPARKL®


SPARKL® is powerful technology for managing distributed systems and machines. The lightning fast SPARKL Sequencing Engine uses our simple, declarative Clear Box® configuration to make your machines, applications and things work together intelligently - all with a tamper-proof audit trail.

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    SPARKL® Clear Box

    This is magic dust. Clear Box provides complete visibility - which in turn gives you complete control. All your black box systems are visible. Their behaviour is controlled. Now they work seamlessly in a new world of distributed intelligence.

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    Tamper-Proof Audit Trail

    SPARKL® produces a perfect record of every individual event, complete with cause. Secured by the blockchain of your choice, this analytics-friendly audit trail provides complete, non-repudiation detail of every single one of your transactions.

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    Reasoned Provisioning

    Here's the solution to security headaches. SPARKL® literally spins up infrastructure the millisecond it's needed within validated transaction flow. Hackers hate it because their attack surface has simply disappeared!