Universal Problem

All enterprises suffer from the black box swamp. Systems that work fine on their own, but won't play nicely with others.

It's hard enough to describe how a single system should work - let alone how or why different systems interact.

New Solution

You can use our simple, declarative Clear Box® configuration to express and define the behaviour of all your systems - from applications right down to network infrastructure.

The lightning fast, distributed SPARKL® Sequencing Engine uses Clear Box to make your modern and legacy systems work together, driving normalised events between all your machines, applications and things.

SPARKL then produces a tamper-proof audit trail of every individual event that took place, complete with cause and secured by the blockchain of your choice.

Easy & Powerful

SPARKL technology is completely open, bringing ease to managing multi-system integration, reconciliation, analytics and auditing. You can mix and match any programming language, blockchain and application you like to solve a given business problem, such as building smart contracts.

It's time to bring order to the black box swamp.