Costly Problem

All enterprises suffer from the black box swamp. Systems that work fine on their own, but won't play nicely with others.

It's hard enough to describe how a single system should work - let alone how or why different systems interact.

That's why upgrades and migrations are so painful. It's why you need so many IT staff. It's where most of the cost gets sunk. It's why your business is at risk.

New Solution

Use our simple, declarative Clear Box® configuration to express the behaviour of any systems - from applications right down to network infrastructure.

The lightning fast, distributed SPARKL® Sequencing Engine uses Clear Box® to make both modern and legacy systems work together. It drives complete transactions across your systems, applications and things.

It instantaneously provisions infrastructure components and services at the exact millisecond they're needed - within the flow of the transaction itself.

And it produces a tamper-proof audit trail of every individual event that took place, both provisioning and data, complete with reason or cause.

High-level Smart Contracts

Clear Box® configuration is a document. It can be rendered as a PDF legal contract, or a web page showing which systems do what - or pretty much anything else.

Being tamper-proofed on blockchain in its own right, it then adds an amazing capability. The audit trail of actual events, that SPARKL generates between systems using Clear Box®, are themselves tamper-proofed on blockchain.

This unique capability means that the definition of the process, its various renderings e.g. as PDF, and what actually happened, are all irrepudiably linked using blockchain.

Bring Machines Together

This works for any combination of systems, old and new. It integrates traditional low-level blockchain smart contracts with high-level workflows and business processes.

High-level Smart Contracts. It's time to bring order to the black box swamp.