Solution Briefs

SPARKL for blockchain
Introduce Blockchain to Your Business with SPARKL

A deep dive into the problems in the blockchain space, including vendor lock-in and system integration, and how SPARKL solves them.


SPARKL insurance proof of value
Boost Agility with Smart Reinsurance Policies

Blockchain technologies have kickstarted an industry-wide effort to cut cost and improve agility in risk management - but it's common knowledge that code-on-chain only solves part of the problem.

Download the SPARKL reinsurance proof of value to learn how Clear Box® helps you embrace blockchain technology for security, scalability and flexibility.


Financial Services & Compliance
Simple configuration with SPARKL
Turn Complex Regulations into Simple Configuration

This solution brief gives insight into how SPARKL Clear Box® configuration enables financial institutions to simplify and streamline KYC processes in the black box swamp.


Industrial Internet of Things
SPARKL enables machine interoperability
Deliver the Factory of the Future

This case study gives insight into the proof-of-concept SPARKL developed with British pharmaceutical giant GSK to solve quality manufacturing challenges for its pill production train.


Technical Documentation

IT Operations
How SPARKL works
SPARKL Sequencing Engine Technical Overview

An in-depth technical paper from our lead software engineer Dr Andrew Farrell, covering SPARKL's key capabilities in reasoned orchestration, microservices and the Internet of Things.


SPARKL orchestrates microservices
Orchestrate Microservices with Reasoned Provisioning

This paper gives an overview of SPARKL's capabilities in microservices.


SPARKL works with Ansible
SPARKL Integration with Ansible

This solution brief discusses how SPARKL integrates with Ansible for a powerful end-to-end service management solution.