Deliver Transaction Assurance

SPARKL® secures processes with blockchain

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SPARKL reinsurance proof of value

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Blockchain technologies have changed the landscape for reinsurers, heightening the need to improve and cut costs within risk management tools. Download the SPARKL reinsurance proof of value to discover how smart policies enable you to match capital more closely to risks, whilst reducing policy processing costs.

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Tightening regulatory requirements bring huge cost of complexity

Current technology stack doesn't provide comprehensive log data required for regulators

Legacy and distributed systems eat into management time and investment


Build a tamper-evident automated process, supported by distributed ledger technology

SPARKL leverages standard distributed ledger technology, such as Hyperledger, to log every interaction between your systems, creating a secure, tamper-proof audit trail. You can look inside your operations any time to see what’s involved in any business process, making your company CAT-compliant with new regulatory insight and control.

Demonstrate the data used in making a particular business decision

Clear Box®, SPARKL's declarative modelling language, lets you express the behaviour of all your systems, from applications right down to network infrastructure. With consistent usage and performance metrics, this provides businesses with a complete understanding of the events that flow through its systems.

Retro-fit transaction assurance into your existing enterprise

SPARKL makes it easy for legacy systems to participate in workflows, and integrates with your preferred systems for business analytics and reporting, mitigating demands for redundant infrastructure that is only used during activity peaks and easing the management of patchwork systems.

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