SPARKL technology integrations

Every enterprise has to deal with making multiple applications and systems work together in a legacy environment.

By combining your technology with SPARKL, you can take advantage of complete solutions and stacks tailored to fit your workload. SPARKL is technology-agnostic and ensures you can integrate with just about any application, system or language you need, including:

Hyperledger Fabric Distributed ledger technology
Intel Sawtooth Lake Distributed ledger technology
BigchainDB Blockchain database
Bitcoin Digital currency and public state holder
Big Data
Apache Spark Big data analytics and machine learning
Hadoop Big data analytics and machine learning
Fluentd Data collector and unified logging
MongoDB Big data store
Splunk Big data store, cleanup and analysis
Elastic Search Search and analytics engine
Kibana Analytics and search tool
SlamData Database
Logstash Data collector
Application Management
Mesosphere Container orchestration
Docker Application container engine
HAProxy Load balancer
Slack Messaging application
Cisco Spark Messaging application
Twilio Messaging platform
Configuration Management
Ansible Automation platform and
configuration management
Puppet Configuration management
Chef Configuration management
Saltstack Configuration management
Internet of Things
Phidgets Sensors and devices
Raspberry Pi Computer