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The SPARKL Sequencing Engine is the first Cisco Solution Partner to successfully complete the SDN Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) process, ensuring exceptional levels of service, security and support.

As a Solution Partner, SPARKL is uniquely capable of delivering a solution that meets on key business demands: transparency, agility, security and freeing up capital through integration with Cisco tools.

SPARKL can be run on any Linux-capable hardware, including Cisco UCS and UCS-E. It can control and leverage any of Cisco’s collaboration and automation tools, such as APIC-EM, Jabber and Spark.

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IDEALondon Alumni

From the heart of London's Tech City, a unique collaboration of industry leaders has joined forces to support digital innovation. SPARKL is proud to a part of IDEALondon's extensive and varied alumni network.

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