New blockchain solutions such as smart contracts are hard to deliver. Because of the way code-on-chain works, users are forced into using specific languages and applications across separate systems, leading to fragmentation and inefficiency.

Written as programming code, the end product is more buggy and complex than ever before - only contributing to the black box swamp that exists in every enterprise.

SPARKL® solves these challenges to make blockchain work for you.

you can
Integration Be flexible - create workflows that integrate multiple blockchain solutions as well as your cloud and enterprise systems.
Legacy Systems Sweat expensive assets - have your legacy systems participate in the same blockchain-secured workflows.
Be agile - switch effortlessly between blockchain provider at any time without sacrificing security or performance.
Analytics and Reporting Be informed - use a blockchain-secured, analytics-friendly record of every individual event complete with cause.

The core value proposition of blockchain is straightforward - tamper-proof, append-only logs where changes to data are provably correct.

So how does SPARKL provide a sustainable approach to enterprise-size blockchain projects?

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